A little self care is needed

I have been going on high speed lately, trying to do it all.  Fulfill the roles that I have created in my life, without any space left for me.  To the point of exhaustion by 9pm.  That is not who I am.  Depleted and unavailable to ‘BE’ who I am.

How I was showing up in the world was not a reflection of me, it was a reflection of my ego.  Ego is an acronym for “Edging God Out”.  The way I understand that is the light within me was no longer shining, the God light that exists within each of us.  The light that is sparked by love, by joy, by being centered and grounded.

I have taken a break.  I am doing some intentional self care, in the form of saying “no” when I really need to.  Setting time aside to follow up on things that fill me with joy, peace and love.  To let the laundry pile up, knowing I am still a lovable person.  This has really helped me shift into awareness of my Whole Self.  To show up in the world the way I intend, not as a woman arriving from a wild, wind storm.

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Leo Buscaglia

One of my first books that I remember reading in my late teens was `Living, loving, learning` by Leo Buscaglia.  He was such an inspiration to me and I keep his books for when I need a little Leo fix.  I want to share with you from his book his list of words as a guide to what is essential:

1. Right Knowledge, to supply you with the tools necessary for your voyage.

2. Wisdom, to assure you that you are using the accumulated knowledge of the past in a manner that will best serve the discovery of your presence, your “now.“

3. Compassion, to help you accept others whose ways may be different from yours, with gentleness and understanding, as you move with them or through them or around them on your own way.

4 Harmony, to be able to accept the natural flow of life.

5. Creativity, to help you to realize and recognize new alternatives and unchartered paths along the way.

6. Strength, to stand up against fear and move forward in spite of uncertainty, without guarantee or payment.

7. Peace, to keep you centered.

8. Joy, to keep you songful, and laughing and dancing all along the way.

9. Love, to be your continual guide towards the highest level of consciousness of which man is capable.

10. Unity, which brings us back to where we started- the place where we are at one with ourselves and with all things.

`So the study of love has brought me to the study of life.  To live in love is to live in life, and to live in life is to live in love.  To me, life is God`s gift to you. The way you live your life is your gift to God.  Make it a fantastic one.`

In Gratitude for people like Leo Buscaglia

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Those that come and go into our lives and those that we share a life with have gifts and qualities we can choose to appreciate or diminish.  In giving appreciation to the uniqueness of others, we are also appreciating the uniqueness of ourselves.  

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Heart space

This is taken from Marianne Williamson’s perpetual calendar and I wanted to share.

“In order to truly communicate, we must take responsibility for the heart space that exists between us and another.  It is that heart space, or the absence of it, that will determine whether communication is miraculous or fearful.”

No need to add any more to that..just practice more miraculous communication.

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I came across this video in my inbox and it`s a video like no other.   I am feeling so grateful for the internet and how we share information with one another.  What a remarkable time we are in.  Enjoy!


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Do you see what I see?


DSC01166So it appears that I was not alone on the beach that morning in Kauai.  I purposely woke up early to catch the sunrise, spend some time in quiet contemplation and begin my day as grounded and close to the earth as possible.  With my feet deep into the sand, listening to the beautiful sounds of soft waves curling back and forth, I connected to a deep peace within.  When I looked up, this is what I saw in the clouds.  It feels like the presence of a Greek God, powerful and strong.  Apollo is who came to mind and after looking him up on a google search this image came up.

Apollo_colored_by_Gilmec.jpg (1600×1164)I haven`t studied Greek mythology in depth but very interesting to find out that Apollo is the God of music, poetry, art, oracles, archery, plague, medicine, sun, light and knowledge.


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Surrounded by love

God`s arms surround us, keeping the world together.  His arms reach around small groups, large groups, and individuals.  His love is everywhere.  We can feel his energy everywhere when we open ourselves up to it.  

Imagine you are with your friends and God`s arms have hurdled you in together.  In his love, you are united.

Bring more of his love into your group by being his love energy.

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