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I am a student of life.  Help me to learn and live it fully.

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No barriers

In your defenselessness lies your freedom.

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What you love IS the key

DO IT BECAUSE YOU LOVE IT!!!  Pick something today to do that makes you feel alive and full of life.  That is your purpose….what you love IS your guide to finding your life purpose.

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Changing focus

Today is another day of feeling confused as to what action to take. After listening to “Miracle thought of the day” by Marianne Williamson, I am reminded  that we are better off not knowing and being comfortable with not knowing … Continue reading

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Making lemonade

I am being tested with my own ability to make a situation better than it is.  Through the eyes of gratitude I am trying to realign myself into the stream of energy that makes me feel better.  As choosing a … Continue reading

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