A little self care is needed

I have been going on high speed lately, trying to do it all.  Fulfill the roles that I have created in my life, without any space left for me.  To the point of exhaustion by 9pm.  That is not who I am.  Depleted and unavailable to ‘BE’ who I am.

How I was showing up in the world was not a reflection of me, it was a reflection of my ego.  Ego is an acronym for “Edging God Out”.  The way I understand that is the light within me was no longer shining, the God light that exists within each of us.  The light that is sparked by love, by joy, by being centered and grounded.

I have taken a break.  I am doing some intentional self care, in the form of saying “no” when I really need to.  Setting time aside to follow up on things that fill me with joy, peace and love.  To let the laundry pile up, knowing I am still a lovable person.  This has really helped me shift into awareness of my Whole Self.  To show up in the world the way I intend, not as a woman arriving from a wild, wind storm.

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