I am feeling particularly grateful for the wonderful day giving readings at the Inspired Wellness and Intuitive Fair.  I shared personal moments with beautiful, loving clients and exchanged love amongst all participants of the Fair.  The energy was amazing and I can really feel the love outpouring from all.  It has filled me in more ways than I could know and I am feeling very blessed that I was able to participate in this event.  


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A caterpillar doesn’t necessarily know she is walking into a time of stagnation and darkness but it is a process that enables her growth.  We can relate to this time in our lives when our life has roadblocks, or dead ends and when we are out of gas.  It can mean a time of waiting, a time of winter or hibernation as beautiful as the seasons change, we adapt and flow with the fluctuations.  When it’s time to enter the cocoon, we rest.

The sensing of the right time is when the caterpillar emerges from the cocoon.  I love the word emerge, as in emergence, a coming out of…how beautiful to come out of the darkness, the stillness, the empty tank,  refueled, lit up and alive.  It is this time, or season, that we break through the old patterns, the tired, limiting beliefs and spread our wings.  Travel to new worlds, new ideas, new roads.  Explore, expand, emerge.

Honour the stages and when it is time of the chrysalis, you will know.

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Life often has us tipping heavily in one direction or the other and it is up to us to keep the balance.  Sometimes that becomes a task in itself because it takes time and effort, when sometimes we just don`t have any.

I am making changes to my life in order to help me become a more balanced person.  There is always some modifications and adaptations as you discover more and more about yourself and what you really need.   I have started to actively carve out time each day to keep me connected and at peace.  One of the greatest ways to do this can be as simple as 10 minutes a day.

I like to do visualisations, tapping and listening to my favourite programs on  There is so much information available here and you even have the option to call in during the show and ask a question.  The archive section allows you to listen in again to the show you may have missed.  Piano music also brings me great peace and I seem to get lost when I hear a tune that resonates with me.

The key to balance is recognizing what you need and finding ways to add it to your day.  Avoid negating your needs and really try to honour and respect what your body is telling you.

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Seeing happiness helps you feel happy

Last year I started doing a little thing with my kids that has really given us a tool to help us feel more positive and happy.  It started one day when we were all feeling a little bit cranky, driving around running errands and the complaining had started.  I am sure most parents can relate.

I asked the kids to see if they could find people who look happy and made it kind of like a game.   It was light hearted and fun.  At first we didn’t really see many happy faces, but then once we started to notice one or two, we really got into it.  I realized that I was smiling now and so were the kids.  It was so much fun.

Just before the Christmas holidays we were out shopping at the mall.  While sitting at the food court I thought to myself, it`s Christmas time and everyone looks miserable.  It was time to play our game.  We looked around for a bit and noticed a few men on their work break exchanging stories and enjoying themselves.  They were happy.  When I went to buy our food, the woman who served us was so happy, dishing out New York fries and being very polite.   I had to share with her our little game and that she had won for being the happiest person we had seen.  She lit up so bright, thanking us for the comment and we walked away feeling lighter, happier and smiling.  Maybe if you saw us smiling, it would pass on to you, and them, and so on and so on…..

When we look at the world through a brighter lens, we will see brightness.



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A little spiritual baseball

I am gently reminded today to trust life and to throw beautiful thoughts outward.   Throw because they do go out into the universe and on some level you may catch them.  Please throw back a nice pitch for the rest of us.


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Love and the heart chakra

I am so grateful for the amazing books that are available to us right now and the latest one I just read was “The Mastery of Love” by Don Miguel Ruiz.  This book struck me right between the eyes because the one thing I have been trying to reinforce in my life is love. Love of thy self, fully and whole heartedly.

I have carried Louise Hay’s books around with me for almost two decades but for some reason I was ready to really hear  what this author had to say.  When you are truly loving you, you are respecting your body, your mind and your spirit.  Without judgement on yourself, without comparing, just loving what is.

Toolbox for love:  Open your heart chakra.  You can find many chakra balancing meditations online.  A quick one that I enjoy can be found here :

Wear the colour green.  Wear a rose quartz crystal.  Send a love note to yourself.  Send a love note to someone else.  Look in the mirror and tell yourself how much you are going to take care and love you.

With love,



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So exciting!!

I’m back!!  It has been a year long affair in taking a break and I am now refreshed, and so is my blog, to reflect a new energized me!  Get ready for amazing readings, tips and tricks coming your way for a wonderful way to start 2014!  I am ready to share so much with you, I can hardly wait!

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