About me

I am an intuitive.  I see, sense and hear from Source, Guides and Angels. I work in the light, with Light Beings and Love. I was available to connect with the vibration of this energy after a traumatic event in the family in 1993.   I uncovered an ability to do Automatic Writing while studying for my degree in University.  I didn’t understand what it was at the time and started collecting beautiful messages from my Guides.

There were very few people in my life that I could talk to about this because it seemed so strange at the time.  Once I found the right Teacher to help me, I developed more of my abilities that I didn’t know I had.  I began practicing psychometry and reading messages in jewellery as well as card readings.

I am grateful for embracing this part of me and stepping into the world doing readings in person and online through Skype or FaceTime.   I have clients throughout North America and as far as South Africa.

That was the first step in my journey.

I have always been passionate about learning, gathering books, attending workshops and taking courses to help me develop and grow.  Within the past year, I have studied intensively to become a trained Facilitator in Family Systems Constellations.  This is transformational work that explores hidden dynamics in relationships, families and individuals.  The healing potential with Constellations holds me in the deepest respect and honour for one another.

If you are interested in exploring my work, go to my website http://www.rachellehill.com

All of my services are offered in English and in French.




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